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While Finesse Literary Press is typically invite-only publishing platform, we welcome submissions from creatives and industry professionals. If you believe you’re a fit for us, apply using the above form, and we’ll evaluate your suitability for the programme. 

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Applying to Finesse Literary Press opens the door to a personalized author journey like no other. We believe in your story, and our application process reflects our commitment to fostering a collaborative and empowering relationship with our authors. Your aspirations deserve more than a standard submission; they deserve the finesse of a tailored journey designed to bring your literary vision to life.

Finesse Literary Press operates on an invite-only model, extending exclusive invitations to authors who embody innovation, passion, and a commitment to their craft. Our selective approach ensures that each author we work with receives the attention and dedication they deserve. If you've received an invitation, consider it an acknowledgment of your unique voice and the potential to join the ranks of the literary elite.

Wondering what sets the Finesse experience apart? Beyond the traditional publisher-author relationship, Finesse Literary Press offers an immersive journey guided by dedicated publishing advisors. We're not just interested in publishing your book; we're committed to helping you grow as an author. Apply now for a chance to experience a publishing process that's not just about books but about shaping enduring literary careers.